Taking the lead in learning

The Youth Company offers a platform for young people, where the discovery and development of talents, skills and competencies are key goals.

The Youth Company stimulates young people to take the lead in their own learning. Therefore our methods are based on non-formal education. Learning takes place amongst youth in the Netherlands or in international peer groups. This approach offers a valuable supplement to formal education, democratic initiatives and to a variety of youth services. We are happy to encourage young people to take initiative in their personal and professional growth and to increase their impact on society in this way. We offer an international learning environment that challenges young people who are curious, creative, enterprising and engaged.

At The Youth Company, we intend to contribute to the lives of ALL young people between 14 and 30 years old. Inclusion is an important value of The Youth Company. Inclusion means that we involve all young people, regardless of their gender identity, race, religion, sexuality, family background, the place they come from, educational level, socioeconomic status and regardless of the country they come from.

Thijs (20), from the Netherlands

The first change was for me to be away from home for a longer period of time and to be more independent. I also learned to be more open to people from other cultures. I started to take more initiative after the exchange and to really stand up for myself and for others. It was hard before because usually, I was shy, but I have become more open and communicative.

I took part in the following programmes:

Lead the Change 1
Lead the Change 2

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Anwal Gulham (23), from Italy

Stay Human has helped me to become a better version of myself. I was believing in people before, but now I do it more strongly. I had my head in the skies, I still have it, but I also can feel my roots deep in the ground. I had dreams, but now I have some more instruments in my toolbox to understand those dreams, to turn them into goals and then to reach them. I am still growing up, I am still learning, and the more I walk, the more I know how much there is to improve and to see. But this walk, this effort is all worth it.

Photo credit Thijs Kroezen

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Eliza Kurcevic from Lithuania

When you wake up each day and see so much injustice in the world… very naturally you want to make some changes and fill in this emptiness of “What can I do for a better living? For equality and equity?” Because it is hard to find these answers by yourself, it is a good idea to share your questions with somebody else. People who participated in Stay Human programmes are looking for answers to their own questions, and they help you to discover your own answers.

I took part in the following programmes:

Stay Human 1 – Migrant Rights
Stay Human 2 – No Hate Speech

Photo credit Thijs Kroezen

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What matters to us

Our aim is to have an impact on young people’s lives. To achieve this our educational programmes are based on 3 ingredients.

Talent icon

Talent focuses on putting young people’s talents, personal & professional development at the centre in order to build a sustainable future and to increase young people’s human capital. The Youth Company encourages lifelong learning paths and stimulates the personal and professional development of young people. All learning aims to amplify young people’s sense of ownership in one’s own life.

Connection icon

Connection focuses on the ability of young people to build a strong connection with others, increasing their social capital and to amplify their sense of ownership in establishing meaningful contacts with others.

Community icon

Community focuses on transforming the society with the talents and connections that young people have, thus to increase their community capital. We engage and equip young people to act for change and to amplify their sense of ownership in one’s community. At the same time, we intend to show the value of young people in society.