With Big Questions of Life, we aim to empower young people and increase their self-esteem so that they dare to take a stance to pursue those things important to them in life. We wish to motivate & challenge young people to develop strong personal, interpersonal and intercultural competencies; self-reflection, the ability to make choices and have courage and self-confidence, to deal with change and uncertainty, establish meaningful connections with others and oneself, set priorities in life, develop an open world view, and define their role in that world in connection with others.

The Big Questions of Life methodology can be used in a variety of ways. For example as an experiential programme for young people in which they get acquainted with the methodology, with learning in an intercultural environment, taking the lead in their own learning and the importance of self-development. Big Questions of Life also offers an excellent possibility to train young people to become peer educators and run Big Questions of Life activities for other young people. A third component that can be offered is the training of (youth) professionals and educators in the Big Questions of Life methodology.

Big Questions of Life programmes are adapted to fit the learning needs of the participants and to stimulate good group dynamics. No programme will be exactly the same because the learning outcomes and results of the programme are shaped by the participants and their process. This is fundamentally different than most training programmes in which the curriculum is fixed and the focus is on the quality of the outcomes. The success of Big Questions of Life, like all TYC programmes, can be only measured by the learning paths of the individual group members and their own reflection about the impact of it.

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Are you interested in developing your own international Big Questions of Life programme with the young people you work with? Please contact us.

Are you interested to have Big Questions of Life programmes in the classroom? We would like to direct you to the Open Future Institute Netherlands, based in Utrecht. OFI is offering stand-alone Big Questions of Life activities in the classroom

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