In 2014 we teamed up with several youth work organisations in Europe. We shared the wish to increase the inclusion and learning of ALL young people, the collaborative level among the partners and the impact of our European non-formal youth programmes locally.

The idea stems from the growing need in the society of having inclusive ways of learning for ALL young people and ways of learning that stimulate young people and youth organisations to actively participate in the society. Non-formal education is our answer to offer a holistic type of education in which young people are stimulated to develop their personal well-being, talents, and connections, and to understand the contribution they can make to society.

Over the course of the last two years, we have offered with our European colleagues a learning environment for a total of 450 young people, 110 youth workers and an estimated amount of at least 60 staff members. Together we have experimented and experienced how to develop longer-term European learning paths. During the ImpACT+ research programme, we are researching the impact of non-formal learning on the personal and professional development of young people, youth workers, the participating organisations and the local communities in which we work.

In order to understand the impact of these non-formal learning programmes, we are training young people and youth workers to work as peer researchers and collecting data in their own local realities. Since young people and youth workers build the base of each of our organisation, the active participation of these 2 groups is essential for the success of the research. The research will lead to two sets of recommendations developed for youth work organisations and policymakers. The first one is to increase the quality and outreach of European non-formal youth programmes, by consequently contributing to the development of young people, youth workers, our local communities and our own youth work organisations. Secondly, the aim of ImpACT+ is to reach out to more stakeholders to gain more support, knowledge, and recognition for European non-formal youth programmes amongst stakeholders and policymakers.

During the 20 months of this programme, we are supported by the Social Work research electorate of the Saxion University of applied sciences. We believe that connecting non-formal and formal education will lead to magic.

Contact persons

Boglarka Szalma
Boglarka SzalmaProjectmanager // communication
Maartjeproject manager // communication // trainer

Financial structure: This programme has been made possible with the help of the Erasmus+ programme.

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