Learning the non-formal way

The Youth Company organizes non-formal learning programmes for and with young people and youth professionals. We are specialized in non-formal education and peer-based learning. Our programmes take place in an international peer group. This approach offers a valuable supplement to formal education and a variety of youth services. We are happy to encourage young people to take initiative in their personal and professional growth and to increase their impact on society in this way. Our programmes are developed in close collaboration with young people.

Non-formal education is any organized educational activity that takes place outside the formal educational system. Usually, it is flexible, learner-centred, contextualized and uses a participatory approach. It is always clearly communicated that learning takes place, to make everyone aware of their own learning process. In practice, this means that learning is creative, interactive and based on the needs and learning goals of the participants. Attention is paid to all three aspects of competence development; knowledge, skills & attitudes. Essential in this learning process is the constant reflection of the participants in order to understand their own learning experience and to find ways how they can continue to build further on it. The educational methods and techniques used are interactive, creative and invite the learner to take the lead.

Stay Human

Stay Human is a human rights education programme that connects theory and real-life practice through non-formal education. Most of all, Stay Human connects countries and relevant human rights topics.

Stay Human is a peer-based programme that creates awareness amongst young people about Human Rights and stimulates them to take an active role in promoting and advocating these rights in their local realities.

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Big Questions of Life

How can young people survive the daily jungle of opportunities, challenges and choices? They are facing expectations of family and friends, while they actually need to discover themselves who they are, what their talents are and which dreams they would like to accomplish.

Big Questions of Life challenges young people to discuss their big questions of life.

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Keeping Democracy Alive

When saying that we let young people take the lead in their own learning, we mean it. The Keeping Democracy Alive programme was the first programme fully developed by young people.

The KDA programme empowers young people to take an active part in democratic life; “keep democracy alive”.

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Lead The Change

We believe that each new young generation holds the key to co-create a better world.

The Lead The Change programme, therefore, aims at improving the change that young people can make in their society. This programme is a hands-on programme in which young people are put at the forefront of change making.

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ImpACT+ is a European research programme. In order to understand the impact of 6 non-formal learning programmes, young people and youth workers are trained as peer researchers. They will collect data in their local communities to understand how these programmes contributed to the personal and professional development of young people and their communities.

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Count Me In

The Count Me In programme creates space and opportunity for young people and youth professionals to learn about performing arts, as a tool to create a society in which everyone is included.

This programme focuses on the inclusion of all young people, also those young people who find living in the society more challenging than others.

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TYC Blog

To read stories of people who participated in one of our programmes, or to check out pictures and videos that were made by participants… Take a look at the TYC blog! It is fully written and maintained by young people, youth workers and educators who would love to share their inspiration and thoughts with you.

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