Keeping Democracy Alive is a programme that started as a dream of a group of motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic youth. Today it has become one of our core programmes. Each year a group of young people enrols again and goes through the journey of discovery of how they can make their voices heard.

While the programme was officially founded as the Keeping Democracy Alive, it has a little brother that started a few years earlier. With Make Yourself Heard, Make Some Noise, the youth council of the Province of Overijssel has set the first steps of a programme about democracy and youth participation. Just a few years later, we have a programme that yearly educates groups of youngsters from all over Europe.

During a Keeping Democracy Alive programme, young people, peer educators, and youth workers experience that they have the power to make a change in “democratic life”, and that creating a change actually can be fun! During the programme, participants become aware that participation is a right for everyone. That they have the right to have a say and to be heard, which includes their right to organize themselves. The international environment is key in Keeping Democracy Alive. Young people experience and learn from their peers that each country has different challenges and different strategies to support young people to take an active part in democratic life.

Keeping Democracy can take place everywhere in Europe. An important goal of the programme is to equip each participant with ideas and strategies to stimulate young people in their local realities to actively participate. Keeping Democracy Alive can be implemented as part of a citizenship education programme in a school, youth centre or in the community. Most of all with each new programme new young people will step in the shoes of peer educators to make their voices and of their peers heard.


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Boglarka Szalma
Boglarka SzalmaProjectmanager // communication

Financial structure: 90% of this programme has been made possible with the help of the Erasmus+ programme, 10% is private financing and a lot of love

Interested to develop your own international Keeping Democracy Alive programme with the young people you work with? Please contact us asap, no time to lose to promote young people’s active participation

Interested to have a Keeping Democracy Alive programme in the classroom? We would be more than happy to facilitate these for staff and students.

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