Lead The Change stimulates young people to make a change in their society during a hands-on programme in which young people are put at the forefront of change making. Through the design, development, and implementation of non-formal programmes for other young people, Lead The Change supports a leadership attitude that stimulates rather the bottom-up decision-making processes instead of top down. It also stimulates young people to guide or direct others in a course of action, influence their opinion and behaviour and show the way by going in advance. Young people reflect throughout their practical assignments on their leadership style, attitudes, learning process, team role & spirit, communication style, stress coping mechanisms, etc.

During Lead the Change the participants are getting the practical task to create a programme about change making. This programme gets a relevant theme, that the participants chose themselves. Topics can be very different, from youth participation to a healthy lifestyle. Usually, there are a few Lead the Change programmes taking place around the same time, hosted by different European youth organizations.

Lead the Change allows young people to learn about their talents and to discover their inner leader. Participants will get to know different styles of leadership and they will learn how to reflect on them. Mostly it will help them to grow as a human being, by increasing their self-esteem and self-awareness.

Since Lead the Change is both about leadership and change making, participants also gain experience in discovering topics that they care about and thinking of ways how to change things for the better. It will help them to focus on their personal values as critical human beings that are taking responsibility for their own actions and who know how they can change things in their local communities.

Participants of Lead the Change get the chance to share the changes that they would like to see happening. And, most importantly, they get the chance to create those changes by themselves.

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Maartjeproject manager // communication // trainer

90% of this programme has been made possible with the help of the Erasmus+ programme, 10% is private financing and a lot of love

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