Learning the non-formal way

At The Youth Company, we love trying out new things and setting up new goals and programmes. One of those goals was to start up TYC local in The Netherlands. We are eager to share our knowledge gained in an international education environment locally. From today on you can invite us in your classroom, in your (youth) organisation, and in your company.

Similar to our international programmes, we offer non-formal learning opportunities to young people and we closely collaborate with them. We are also more than happy to share our knowledge with youth workers, educators, and enthusiasts. Basically with everybody who is interested in learning in a non-formal way. Whether it would be for your personal development or to learn as a professional how to involve non-formal education with your students or colleagues… everybody is more than welcome to jump aboard.

Human Rights in the classroom

Human rights education is essential in the curriculum of any human being.

The Youth Company offers a variety of educational programmes – Stay Human – that can be designed to support students to create a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities. The programmes are designed to activate participants to take a stand for their own rights and the rights of others.

Each Stay Human programme is custom made, based on the needs and learning goals of your pupils and students.

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Human Rights in your community

We offer support with setting up local human rights activities, that address challenges that young people face at a local level. Are you a local youth or civil society organisation, a political body, a grassroots organisation, a company active to give shape to their corporate social responsibility… we would be glad to help you organising a Stay Human activity in your community.

Each Stay Human activity is custom made and based on the needs and challenges identified.

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Keeping Democracy Alive in your classroom

Keeping Democracy Alive is your answer if you are eager to implement citizenship education programmes that show young people that they have the power to make a change in “democratic life”. The programme strengthens the awareness that participation is a right for every young person and that it can actually be fun to make yourself heard.

Each programme is custom made, based on the needs and learning goals of your pupils and students.

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Keeping Democracy Alive in your community

If you can’t wait to support young people in your own regional or local community to make themselves heard please give us a call asap. We love to support you in the development bottom-up activities with young people and their voice in your community.

Essential for each Keeping Democracy Alive activity is that the initiative is or will be initiated by youth and led and based on an equal partnership between youth and adults.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We would be more than happy to support you in giving shape to your corporate social responsibility in your local community. Because even if you don’t work with young people in your daily life, there is a lot an enterprise or business can do!

Whether it would be to support local educational programmes for young people or to engage in the talent development of youth in your region, we are there to support and inspire you to set up great plans.

So give us a call and we will be there in a wink!

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The Youth Company Consultancy

The Youth Company Consultancy provides advice and support to educational institutes, civil society organisations and business community in designing and implementing local and international and non-formal educational programmes for young people and youth professionals funded by the European funding programme for education, youth and sport; Erasmus+.

We wish to make these learning opportunities accessible and stimulate the use of all beautiful resources for youth that Europe has to offer.

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TYC Blog

To read stories of people who participated in one of our programmes, or to check out pictures and videos that were made by participants… Take a look at the TYC blog! It is fully written and maintained by young people, youth workers, and educators who would love to share their inspiration and thoughts with you.

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