Why we started this

Impacting the life of young people is the reason why, in the beginning, The Youth Company was established. Inclusion is an important value for us and we are eager to have an impact on the lives of ALL young people in the age category 14 – 35 years old, regardless of their gender identity, race, religion, sexuality, family background, the country they come from, educational level, socioeconomic status.

On an international level, we work with ALL young people from the European Continent in the age category 14-35 years old. We offer inclusive educational programmes that are accessible for all. On a local level, we work with ALL young people from the Province of Overijssel, The Netherlands, aged 14-35 years old. We are based in this province and provide an open space to meet.

We aim to be an organisation that doesn’t only offer learning experiences, but that also helps, supports, and invites other young people, schools, institutions, local politicians, to step in and join us in our work or vice versa. To establish that, we have developed 4 services.

The Youth Company Education organizes international non-formal learning programmes for and with young people and youth professionals. Activities take place in an international learning environment and in cooperation with European youth organisations.

The Youth Company Young gives young people in Europe advice and support in the design, development and implementation of educational programmes for young people and youth professionals funded by the European funding programme for education, youth and sport; Erasmus+.

The Youth Company Training offers training programmes in The Netherlands designed for educational institutes, civil society organisations and the business community about human rights, intercultural learning, youth participation, non formal learning, peer education, youth leadership development, talent development, Europe, etc.

The Youth Company Consultancy provides advice and support to Dutch educational institutes, civil society organisations and business community in designing and implementing international and non-formal educational programmes for young people and youth professionals funded by the European funding programme for education, youth and sport; Erasmus+.

What we value

Celebrate diversity

We celebrate diversity in gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and religion and/ or belief. We promote inclusion and equality for all young people, also for those challenged by disability and/ or any social or economical obstacle. We seek to create understanding, strong connections and equal opportunities for all.


We make sure the things we do are genuine and in line with the approaches we believe in. We walk the talk, we practice what we preach.

YES is the answer

We love to dream and invite everybody to do so, we know that we can do more with less and we strongly believe in the adjective YES! Be a dreamer, be a creator, be the change you wanna see in the world.


We seek to work with others, wherever possible, not just because it is more fun, but because change requires networks, allies and fresh thinking with others. We work to co-create a better world with young people and our fresh partners throughout Europe. We embrace an inclusive and participatory way of working together, we are not hierarchically organized.


We make sure that the work we do and the decisions that are made are transparent. We can be kept accountable for our activities, we feel responsible for them and we will disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Talent is your footprint

We approach our work with the fun & motivation it deserves, putting people’s talents at the center. These talents are undeniably key to bring forth ideas, inspire others and to create changes.

Youth entrepreneurship

We believe that it is coherent for our organisation to do business with young entrepreneurs. Youth entrepreneurship is a tool to develop talent and to stimulate innovation, and in the current context of high youth unemployment rates a solution for unemployment. So whenever we need to purchase services and/ or products we do business with young entrepreneurs.

We love to play

We work from an interactive and playful mindset and although we run a serious enterprise we truly believe that play experiences promote successful learning. Play allows the brain to explore problem solving in ways that structured learning cannot. This is a good reason why playfulness is serious business to us.