At TYC, we work together

We are a well-working team with our noses pointed in the right direction: towards talent development, connection and community. We strive for equality in the world, but on a smaller scale, in our organisational structure as well. We are a horizontal organisation where everyone has the power and the right to speak up and inspire change.

On this page you can find the founders, the builders, the thinkers and the enthusiasts. The two power women who had a dream of their own non-hierarchical organisation, the (young) people who once joined and never left and our board of inspirational thinkers. If you have a question for someone, don’t hesitate to write us an email.

Some funny little details that we would like to share with you: together we represent 4 nationalities. We live in Enschede & in Utrecht but also in Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Canada and Indonesia. We are Skype professionals and know all different time zones by heart. Our work brings us to all European countries and brings young people from these countries to us. What connects us is the TYC mission and the feeling that the world is the place where we feel at home.

Your everyday team

AnneYouth worker // student social work
Anne, we will hopefully never let her go. She is an amazing person and above all an excellent youth worker. We are waiting eagerly for her minor results and for the moment she finishes her studies.
BeatriceTrainer // youth worker // projectmanager
We often compare Bea to the strongest, most powerful car you can imagine. She is impressive in her energy to support young people in their learning.
BoglarkaProjectmanager // communication
Boglarka (or Bogi to us) has been with TYC since last year. She has been an awesome and inspiring young team member and a grand project manager that we wouldn’t want to miss for the world!
GiorgioProject manager // youth worker
Gio needs to deal with his strong minded colleagues at TYC. With calmness he takes the work, the opinions and the environment around him. And probably does what he thinks is best anyway.
JonyFinancial manager
In the middle of her studies business economics Jony knows the numbers. In the midst of a team of youth- and social workers Jony often brings issues to simple solutions with few words.
KatrienMentor & coach // Social worker // teacher
Katrien is our most experienced social worker and teacher Social work. She is the person we turn to with our questions. You might also meet her while she is promoting TYC in your organisation.
KayleeStudent Social Work
Kaylee is providing her share of Twents dialect at TYC. With a talent for programme facilitation and influencing group dynamics our expectations are high for her internship.
Maartjeproject manager // communication // trainer
When you are looking for the people who started this whole thing, she is one of them. Dedicated to maintaining an organisation in which everybody is heard and happy.
MeikeJournalist // communication
Meike has been with TYC for years now, although being the youngest of them all. She studies like crazy while applying her journalism knowledge to the full extent. We can’t imagine TYC without her!
RanStudent Social work
We admire Ran for his Twents sayings and wisdom. He is truly upholding the local culture and traditions. With a brain the size of Google we are looking forward having Ran as our intern.
VikaTrainer & facilitator // youth worker
Vika started TYC with Maartje. She is an awesome, strong, Lithuanian woman that will always fight for honesty and equality in the world. She is an inspiration to many young people that we meet.

Visual toppers

LizzyGraphic designer // web creator
Lizzy is a fantastic young graphic designer who needs only one word to understand what design we are looking for! All the pretty logo’s we are using – and this grand website – are made by her.
If there is one person in the world that knows how to give a talk before an audience it is Thijs. We still have the shivers. Meanwhile we are super grateful for all the grand pictures Thijs is making!

Board of directors

Veerle entered the TYC with a big bang and then she got accepted for the joint master degree programme “Master Advanced Development in Social Work” and she had to leave us behind. Luckily we had her signing for the position of president right in time.
Vika just loves her secretary position. Specialised in social education she didn’t feel much for the position as treasurer and Veerle already was crowned as president. Having magic approaches towards shared decision making in the full team Vika is an efficient and grand secretary. Note is taken. ✓
Financial management is one of the great tasks Maartje was assigned to. Together with her colleagues she is clearly enjoying exploitation & liquidity budgets. Nothing feels better than to boost a balanced budget.

Board of inspiration

Edwin Kamp
Edwin Kamp
Thanks to the enthusiasm and vigorousness of Edwin we had a great inspiring two years working with students from ROC van Twente.
Hans Monpellier
Hans Monpellier
As manager Social Work from the university of applied sciences of Utrecht, Hans likes us to develop a more business-minded approach and is sharing his vision with us.
Jeanet de Jong
Jeanet de Jong
Jeanet is challenging us to reflect on our choices, approaches and our strategy, with a talent for critical and difficult questions.
Johan Baars
Johan Baars
Johan is our financial lifeline for almost two years. We are happily using the advice of Johan to build up a financially sustainable organisation.