While coming of age, heteronormativity puts unnecessary pressure on young people to perform in certain ways and have a certain identity. This creates an unhealthy social climate were especially young people struggle a lot in shaping their own identity. It affects those young people who don’t feel they meet these expectations at most. In the Queer Focus programme we combine the topic of queer feminism with critical image production and film making to work on a positive development of young people’s identity.

Critical image production is a way to reflect and criticize social ideas and constructions and can be used to produce alternative images that represent how we want society to be. Young people, youth volunteers and youth workers are trained, not just how to use filmmaking as a tool, but also how to articulate and understand the importance of the topic of queer feminism in the society through collective creative processes. Now they are more able to create safer and more open environments for young people to flourish and are better aware of the sensitivities that comes with work around this topic.

Participants from Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Cypress and Spain who joined this programme created several films together practicing as well the practical skills of film making as, horizontal & inclusive working and visualizing queer topics within film.

This programme is created together with v.a.m.p.s. collective.

Contact person

VikaTrainer // youth worker

Financial structure: 90% of this programme has been made possible with the help of the Erasmus+ programme, 10% is private financing and a lot of love.

Interested to know more about the impact of non-formal education and performing arts and how to implement it in your classroom, organisation or business? We would be more than happy support you on the matter.

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