Each year the Stay Human programme connects new relevant human rights topics, countries, and teams of young people that take on the challenge to design and develop a non-formal programme for other young people. On a yearly basis, more than 100 young people participate take part in these programmes.

The programme has a sustainable impact by broadening the perspectives of large groups of young people participating in any of the programmes, enriching their lives with new friends, understandings and ways to advocate for and promote their own rights, those of their peers and citizens in general.

Stay Human equips young people with a strong network of peers all over Europe that can offer an exchange of best practices and a support network for collaboration on Human Rights activities. It stimulates young people to self-organize non-formal Human Rights education activities and it helps young people to become more confident to formulate an opinion of- and deepen their understanding of human rights. Stay Human is more and more becoming a platform in which young people unite and give shape to their Human Rights campaigns, advocacy, educational activities, etc. The current editions of Stay Human are fully designed by young people. TYC offers to mentor for these teams based on their needs. TYC also offers a legal and financial framework to actually implement these programmes.

Stay Human makes our hearts beat faster. Together with a big group of passionate young people, we have been able to turn these topics into non-formal education programmes in various countries, like Lithuania, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands. The topic of the programme is always of relevance to the hosting country. Previous programmes organized were about the topic of LGBT+ Rights, Children’s Rights, Migrants Rights, Gender Based Violence, No Hate Speech and SEE LGBT+.

Contact person

VikaTrainer & facilitator // youth worker

90% of this programme has been made possible with the help of the Erasmus+ programme, 10% is private financing and a lot of love

Are you interested in developing your own international Stay Human programme with the young people you work with? Please contact us asap, there is no time to lose to promote Human Rights!

Are you interested to have Stay Human programmes in the classroom? We would be more than happy to facilitate these for staff and students.

If you want to read more about the experiences of young people in this programme, just hop to the TYC Blog